Is the gambling industry recession proof

“This is not an industry that creates wealth,” says Les Bernal, head of the Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation. “It’s an industry that transfers wealth.” And that’s before taking into account the documented social costs, including the disturbing fact that a significant part of gambling revenues... 7 Reasons Legal Cannabis Is a Recession-Proof Industry Whether you regard legal weed as medicine or a vice, it's a great business in good times and a good business in hard times.

Is the gambling industry recession proof? : Betfair trading… During the last recession I didn’t have much focus on gambling companies, but one thing for sure is that a recession is generally not good for consumer spending.I can see how irrational gamblers are though, through the markets; but I’m not sure if this will extend into the market when a recession bites. Conn. Gambling Industry Not So 'Recession-Proof' : NPR Gambling is among the industries feeling the effects of the economic downturn — even though it has long been thought to be " recession-proof."Keith Brothers of the Laborers Local 547 says the fact that the gaming industry is under pressure is hugely significant in the region. Is Online Gambling a Recession-Proof Industry? / myLot And this is why so many have fought so long to figure out ways to create a recession-proof business. What still sells when people can’t afford to buyBut with the recent explosion of online gambling, we find that there’s yet another industry that, even if not confirmed recession “proof,” is still spitting in... Is Casino Gaming Online Recession Proof?

'Recession-proof' Las Vegas hit by US ... gambling revenues for the top casinos were down 4.8 percent in ... 'Recession-proof' Las Vegas hit by US economic downturn.

The Discovery of Recession Proof Industries - SlideShare 19 Dec 2008 ... Discovery: Are there recession proof industries warranting job-search ... One of those outlets is gambling, because it offers a chance to turn ... Gambling runs dry in Nevada city - LA Times 3 Jan 2009 ... Out in Nevada desert, gambling runs dry. ... During the last 20 years, a number of states bet on gambling -- a supposedly recession-proof business. ... The industry's losses can be seen vividly in Mesquite, whose reliance on ... Spotlight on Economics: Do Casinos Have a Positive Effect on ...

Gambling in a recession Thursday, June 25, 2009 - 02:42 Jun. 25 - Gamblers at the Empire City casino in Yonkers, New York discuss how the recession has affected their gaming habits.

Double Down | Chicago magazine | Chicago Magazine October 2008 Politicians seeking new revenue without raising taxes are fond of the old adage that the gambling industry is recession-proof. Wanna bet? By Graham Meyer Published Oct. 23, 2008 By the Numbers

The gambling industry was once considered recession proof. But Northwest casino operators and state lottery managers have seen their luck change.

Industries That Thrive On Recession Selected Services Expect a downturn in the service industry in recessionary times, as companies and families are willing to take on more work themselves to save ... Gaming news, Has Online Gambling Business Recession-Proof? Recession-proof was a term bandied about in reference to a select number of industries – many of which coincidentally happened to produce products that potentially harm health (gambling, alcohol ...

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The economy is so bad that Nevada's gaming industry is seeing historic declines in revenue. HOW IS GAMBLING FARING IN THE RECESSION? HOW IS GAMBLING FARING IN THE RECESSION? ... Journal of the North American Gambling Industry, ... the myth that gambling is recession-proof pre-occupies the ... Is the gaming industry still recession-proof?: a time ... In other words, Iowa's gaming industry is still recession-proof. ... Descriptor(s) : casinos, economic depression, gambling, management, operating costs, planning Effects of Recession on Gambling - Roulette King Recession Effects on Gambling and Casinos Published on Mar 27th, 2009 - 3:10pm PST The gambling industry has always been looked upon as recession proof.

Leakey Gaming Report & Where Casino Expansion is Headed Sep 26, 2017 ... If the case was being made that gambling was recession proof, it was ... state lotteries in fear they will drain revenues from the casino industry.